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My Encounter

So, this post is unrelated to anything Hairy Face. Its about an encounter that I had a few nights ago. On Saturday July 30th my wife and I were doing a favor for a family member at a church not far from our house. The event that we were taking care of finished at 1:00 am and we were on our way home by about 1:30 am. As I made a right onto a small bridge. At that point I could see someone in the middle of the street. As we got closer I could see it was a young girl, mid 20's, blonde, skinny. She was walking in the middle of the street with her arms flailing. She was stumbling across the street while cars were swerving to avoid hitting her. I had to do a full stop as she walked in front of my car, eyes wide & stunned just like a deer in headlights. Unsuccessfully trying to pull up her shirt trying not to flash her breasts. She wandered toward my rear passenger door. My wife yells "babe, lock the doors!", so I do, but in that moment I unlocked it by mistake. She opens the rear passenger door and tries to get inside my SUV. I jump out, run around the car and try to get her attention before she makes herself at home. As she turns around with a confused look in her eyes, I slam the door shut. My Wife still inside the car calling 911 in hopes of getting this girl some help as she was clearly not doing well. She starts telling me that she needs help, her stomach hurts, she's hungry, she needs food, her shoulder hurts, her foot hurts, her pimp beats her and doesn't let her eat. You could smell the booze on her. I convince her to walk with me about 15 feet away from the road and to sit in a patch of grass just outside a little plaza. She asked me for a cigarette and a lighter. I grabbed a smoke, handed it to her and extended a lighter to help her light it, Her hands shaking, tears running down her cheeks. She says thank you so much you're my only friend.

I asked her what her name is lets say for this story we call her Jane. I asked where she was from, just to get her talking. She was unaware of where she was and had never heard of the street she was on. Meanwhile my wife still in the car talking to the 911 operator explaining where we were so that they could send an ambulance. As I'm sitting there talking to her she begins to cough and starts throwing up all over her pants. I stayed by her to make sure if she lied down that I was close by so I can make sure she was on her side. She kept asking me if we were snitches because she's not a snitch. I told her that we called the ambulance for her. She looked at me with a weird look so I asked her again, do you need an ambulance? She replied Yes, my shoulder is all fucked up, look at my foot, look at my leg and she started pulling up her pant leg revealing her bruised up leg. You could tell she's been though a lot recently.

My Wife now off the phone with 911 gets out of the car and comes over. They start talking, my wife starts asking the same questions that I had asked about 20 minutes ago. She repeats her answers and then she says I hate myself, I degrade myself, I want to die.

She tells us she was on dialysis and tried showing us her scars, but in the process just pulled out her right breast. She notices and quickly pulls her shirt up says "pardon my tit". My wife explains that we called her an ambulance and when she's in the hospital she can get help, that there are people that can assist her. She turns to me and says ... This Bitch is ride or die... referring to my wife. We sat there with her talking for about 10 more minutes then the ambulance arrived. As the 2 paramedics walked towards us my wife says this is Jane. One paramedic turns to the girl and says hi Jane how can we help you now? Then he turns to us and says "we saw her earlier today". He looks at us and says thanks, then he gives us a OK you guys can go. We turned to the girl and told her that these men were going to take care of her. She called us her best friends and asked for a hug. My wife and I lean in for a hug and tell her to take care of herself. As we get into the car and start driving away I could see both paramedics trying to pick her up off the grass and assisting her towards the ambulance.

It's been a few days now and this event still plays over in my head. Is she OK? Did she seek out help? Did she go back to her old ways? Was it for attention? Was anything she said real? I know everyone has a different life and take different paths but I don't fully understand how someone could end up in this situation. She said she degraded herself, she hates herself and wanted to die. This hits me really hard because I've suffered with depression for many years and when people say they want to die it really hits home. I'm still emotional about this event and I know it will play in my head like a movie for a long time.

No matter what there is always someone ready to help. When the world feels to heavy to deal with anymore, remember that you are not alone. I wish I could have done more for Jane. Hopefully she decided to get the help she needs to get out of her situation.

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