My Facial Hair Journey

Growing a beard hasn't always been an easy thing for me. Like most men it starts with a desire to look more manly, look older or the give skin a rest from the blade. My journey with facial hair started when I hit puberty. I finally went from that bald faced kid to a whiskered young man. Over the next few years I practiced my shaving to refine my skills. When I had enough hair growing on my chin I gave myself a goatee. I rocked that goatee through most of the 90's and my teenage years.

In my 20's I tried growing a beard for the first time and I realized that I had areas that just didn't grow in as full as the rest of my beard. Being sad and kind of embarrassed about my bald patches I just shaved it off and went back to the familiar goatee. For many years after, I looked at my father and wondered why he could grow a full beard and I couldn't but now I realize that it took him years to get to the point that he was at too.

Being of Italian heritage I also wondered why I could grow so much hair on my arms, legs, chest and even my back but my face grew in patchy. In my Late 20's I tried again and those patches that gave me anxiety had gotten much fuller than they had been years before. Still The beard only lasted for a few weeks as it got super itchy and irritated me beyond belief.

In my 30's my world had changed. I could grow the full, beautiful beard I always wanted to have. Also I had learned about beard oils to help out with the itchy stage. I could finally make it past the hump that takes down so many men. It was time to let it grow. (Grooming the beard with line ups and how to trim is for another time) I had become the Hairy Face that I've always wanted to be..

Now at 36 years old, with all the time I've spent growing a beard, perfecting my beard and starting Hairy Face- personal care products to help others with their beard; I've come to understand a few tings about beards. Healthy skin plays a big part in how it grows, a good diet helps hair grow strong and full and most importantly genetics plays the biggest part in how a beard will grow. Without the genes to grow a beard, Unfortunately you probably wont be able to grow one. So thanks dad!

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