Guys With Long Beards and Long Hair Are Dirty!

Well, let me start off by saying that hygiene is an individuals choice. As an adult no one will force you to brush your teeth but if you want them to last and look will. It has nothing to do with your gender, age, race or what item you would take to a deserted island. Me being a man, sometimes a child if you talk to my wife, I like to keep on top of my personal care. I have a long beard, I have long hair and i like to keep it clean and well groomed.

Lets start with my daily face regimen. This begins with Face Wash, then my Beard Shampoo, followed by an Apricot Shell Face Scrub, after that I apply Lotion to my skin and Beard Balm or Beard Oil to my beard; whichever I use on that day. I know it sounds like a lot to some people but I only have 1 face. Why wouldn't I take care of it?

Now onto the rest of me, Shower, Body wash, then I exfoliate with a Sisal Bar Soap Pouch. Sisal, is a fiber derived from the Agave plant. For my hair I use shampoo and conditioner like normal. Once out of the shower and dried off I use Body Lotion on my skin especially on my tattoos. For my hair i will towel dry and add a little Pomade to give it a soft, slightly grease look when I style it. I take longer to get ready than most people I know despite gender, age, etc

So, I'm a man, I have a long beard, I have long hair and I AM Not Dirty!

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