• The safe door handle assistant can help you press the elevator buttons, pull drawer handles/doorknobs and so on without touching directly. Suitable for use in a variety of environments and can effectively reduce direct contact with people or things. keep your hands clean always.
  • Our Clean-Key is made of 100% brass, so it is inherently resistant to harmful stains. It can be used repeatedly for a long time, safe and environmentally friendly.
  • You can take it with you. You can put it in your pocket or in a backpack or handbag. It is small and easy to carry and use.
  • Necessary artifacts, door handles, touch keys, buttons, 
  • Easy to press buttons, move a chair, flush a toilet, and carry grocery bags, etc.
  • Keep Everone Safe. So, by using the Hygiene Hand you not only avoid touching and contaminating yourself, but you also lower the risk of spreading harmful stains.

No-Touch Door Opener